Acceleration of a Windows computer: best programs

Today, you can find dozens of programs on the Internet, the authors of which promise that your computer will almost “fly up” after using them. In most cases, it will work as well, if you are not rewarded with a dozen advertising modules (which are embedded in the browser without your knowledge).

However, many utilities honestly clean your disk from debris, defragment the disk. And it is quite possible that if you have not done these operations for a long time, your PC will work a little faster than before.

However, there are utilities that can really speed up the computer somewhat by setting the optimal settings for Windows, setting up the PC properly for this or that application. I tried some of the programs. I want to tell about them. The program is divided into three relevant groups.

Acceleration computer for games

By the way, before recommending utilities to improve performance in games, I would like to make a small comment. First, you need to update the driver on the video card. Secondly, adjust them accordingly. From this effect will be several times higher!

Links to useful materials:

  • AMD / Radeon graphics card setup:;
  • NVidia graphics card setup:

Game Booster

In my humble opinion, this utility is one of the best of its kind! About one click in the description of the program, the authors got excited (until you install and register – it will take 2-3 minutes and a dozen clicks) – but it works really quickly.


  • Leads the Windows operating system settings (supports utility versions XP, Vista, 7, 8) to optimal for running most games. Because of this, they begin to work somewhat faster than before.
  • Defragment folders with installed games. On the one hand, there is a useless option for this program (after all, there are even built-in defragmentation tools in Windows), but hand on heart, which of us does defragmentation regularly? And the utility will not forget, of course, if you install it …
  • Diagnoses the system for various vulnerabilities and non-optimal parameters. Quite a necessary thing, you can learn a lot of interesting things about your system …
  • Game Buster allows you to save videos and screenshots. It’s convenient, of course, but it’s better to use the Fraps program (it has its own super fast codec).

Conclusion: Game Buster is a necessary thing and if the speed of your games leaves much to be desired – try it definitely! In any case, I personally, would start optimizing the PC with it!

Program to accelerate the computer Game-Accelerator

Game Accelerator – not a bad enough program to speed up games. True, in my opinion it has not been updated for a long time. For a more stable and smooth process, the program optimizes Windows and hardware. The utility does not require any specific knowledge from the user, etc. – just run, save the settings and minimize to tray.

Benefits and features:

  • several modes of operation: hyper acceleration, cooling, setting up the game in the background;
  • defragmenting hard drives;
  • DirectX tweaking;
  • optimization of resolution and frame rate in the game;
  • power saving mode laptop.

Conclusion: the program was not updated for a long time, but in due time, in the year of commercials 10 it helped to make the home PC faster. In its use is very similar to the previous utility. By the way, it is recommended to use it in conjunction with other utilities for optimizing and cleaning up Windows of garbage files.

Game fire

Game Fire program to speed up games

In fact, a very, very interesting program that will help make the computer faster. Includes options that are simply not in other analogues (by the way, there are two versions of the utility: paid and free)!


  • One-click PC switching to turbo mode for games (super!);
  • optimize Windows and its settings for optimal performance;
  • defragmentation of folders with games for faster access to files;
  • automatic prioritization of applications for optimal game performance, etc.

Conclusion: in general, an excellent “combine” for fans to play. I recommend unequivocally to testing and familiarization. I really liked the utility!

Programs for cleaning the hard disk from garbage

I think it’s no secret that over time a large number of temporary files accumulate on the hard disk (they are also called “junk files”). The fact is that during the operation of the operating system (and various applications) they create the files that they need at a certain point in time, then they delete them, but not always. As time goes on – and such non-deleted files become more and more, the system starts to slow down, trying to rake a bunch of unnecessary information.

Therefore, sometimes, the system needs to be cleaned of such files. This will not only save space on your hard drive, but also speed up the computer, sometimes significantly!

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