Selection of the best programs for cleaning the computer from garbage

The activities of numerous programs in the system can leave traces in the form of temporary files, registry entries and other marks that accumulate over time, take up space and affect the speed of the system. Of course, many users do not attach importance to the insignificant drop in computer performance, but it is worth regularly carrying out a kind of cleaning. In this case, help special programs aimed at finding and removing debris, cleaning the registry from unnecessary entries and application optimization.

Should I use the program to clean the system

The functionality offered by the developers of various programs for cleaning the system is quite wide. The main functions are the removal of unnecessary temporary files, search for registry errors, removal of shortcuts, disk defragmentation, optimization of the system and autoload management. Not all of these features are necessary for permanent use. Defragmentation is sufficient to carry out once a month, and cleaning debris will be quite useful once a week.

The functions of optimizing the operation of the system and unloading RAM look much more strange. A third-party program is unlikely to fix the problems of your Windows as it is really needed and how the developers would have done. And besides, the daily search for vulnerabilities is just a useless exercise. To give autoload to the program is not the best solution. The user should decide for himself which programs to run along with the loading of the operating system and which ones to leave off.

Not always the program from unknown manufacturers conscientiously perform their work. When deleting unnecessary files, items that appear to have been needed may be affected. So, one of the most popular programs in the past, Ace Utilites, deleted the sound driver, taking the executing file for garbage. Those times have passed, but the cleaning programs may still make mistakes.

If you decide to use such applications, be sure to point out to yourself exactly what functions they are interested in.

Consider the best program for cleaning your computer from garbage.

Advanced SystemCare

The Advanced SystemCare application is a set of useful functions that are designed to speed up the work of a personal computer and remove unnecessary files from the hard disk. It is enough to run the program once a week so that the system always works quickly and without friezes. Users enjoy a wide range of features, with many features available in the free version. A paid annual subscription costs about $ 25 and opens up additional tools for optimizing and speeding up your PC.

Advanced SystemCare protects your PC from malware, but cannot replace a full-featured antivirus


  • English language support;
  • quick registry cleaning and error correction;
  • the ability to defragment the hard disk.


  • expensive paid version;
  • long job of finding and removing spyware.

“Computer Accelerator”

The laconic name of the Computer Accelerator program hints the user to its main purpose. Yes, this application has a number of useful functions that are responsible for speeding up your PC by cleaning the registry, autoload and temporary files. The program has a very convenient and simple interface that novice users will like. The controls are easy and intuitive, and to start optimizing, just press one button. The program is distributed free of charge with a 14-day trial period. Then you can purchase the full version: the standard edition costs 20 rubles, and the pro costs 40. The paid version gives you access to the full functionality of the program, when only some of them are available to you in the trial version.

In order not to run the program manually each time, you can use the task scheduler feature


  • convenient and intuitive interface;
  • fast speed;
  • domestic manufacturer and support service.


  • high cost of annual use;
  • poor on function trial version.

Auslogics booststpeed

Multifunctional program that can turn your personal computer into a rocket. Not real, of course, but the device will work much faster. The application can not only find unnecessary files and clean the registry, but also optimizes the work of individual programs, such as browsers or guides. The free version allows you to familiarize yourself with the functions with a single use of each of them. Then you have to pay for a license or 995 rubles for 1 year, or 1995 rubles for perpetual use. In addition, the program with one license is placed immediately on 3 devices.

The free version of Auslogics BoostSpeed ​​allows you to use the Tools tab only once.


  • the license applies to 3 devices;
  • convenient and intuitive interface;
  • high speed;
  • cleaning garbage in separate programs.


  • high license cost;
  • separate settings only for the Windows 10 operating system.

Wise Disk Cleaner

Excellent program to search for garbage and clean it on your hard disk. The application provides not such a wide range of functions as analogs, however, it does its job with five plus. The user is given the opportunity to perform a quick or deep cleaning of the system, as well as to defragment the disk. The program works quickly and is endowed with all the features even in the free version. For broader functionality, you can purchase a paid pro-version. The cost varies from 20 to 70 dollars and depends on the number of computers used and the duration of the license.

Visa Disk Cleaner provides many options for cleaning the system, but is not intended to clean the registry


  • high speed;
  • Excellent optimization for all operating systems;
  • different types of paid versions for different terms and number of devices;
  • wide range of features for the free version.


  • All functionality is available with the purchase of a full pack of Wise Care 365.

Clean master

One of the best programs for cleaning the system from debris. It supports many settings and additional modes of operation. The application is distributed not only to personal computers, but also to phones, so if your mobile device is slowed down and clogged with debris, then Clean Master will fix it. The rest of the application has both a classic set of features, and rather unusual functions of cleaning history and garbage left by messengers. The application is free, but there is the possibility of buying a pro-version, which provides access to auto-updates, the ability to create backup, defragment and automatically install the driver. Annual subscription is $ 30. In addition, the developers promise a refund within 30 days, if the user is not satisfied with something.

The interface of the Clean Master program is divided into conditional groups for greater convenience.


  • stable and fast work;
  • wide range of features in the free version.


  • the ability to create backups only with a paid subscription.

Vit Registry Fix

Vit Registry Fix application created specifically for those who are looking for a highly specialized tool for correcting errors in the registry. This program is sharpened to find similar system flaws. Vit Registry Fix works very quickly and does not burden the personal computer. In addition, the program is able to create backup copies of files in case the correction of registry bugs will result in even greater problems.

Vit Registry Fix is ​​installed in the batch version along with 4 utilities: for optimizing the registry, cleaning garbage, managing startup and removing unnecessary applications


  • quick search for errors in the registry;
  • the ability to customize the schedule of the program;
  • creating backup copies in case of critical errors.


  • small number of functions.

Glary utilities

Appendix Glary Utilites offers more than 20 handy tools to speed up the system. Free and paid versions have several advantages. Even without paying for the license, you get a very powerful application that can clear your device of debris. The paid version is able to provide even more utilities and increased speed of work with the system. Automatic update in Pro is attached.

The latest version of Glary Utilites released with a multilingual interface.


  • convenient free version;
  • regular updates and ongoing user support;
  • convenient interface and a wide range of functions.


  • expensive annual subscription.

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